Tuesday, August 4, 2009


This is essentailly my lunch every day.
I'm gonna die.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Angela's Summer Coworkers -- Don't mess

Since I have spent up to 13 hours a day with the same people every weekday since getting back to Boston, I'm going to tell you about them. My coworkers this summer are pretty hilarious and span the range from ubergeek to hoodlum. I haven't downloaded pics off of my camera yet but when I do you guys get to see what DELICIOUS froyo looks like.

But anyways, maybe you'll enjoy hearing about these characters. The quotes next to them are the descriptions I put in my project about them (behind their backs, but it's all true).

Drives me, Mike, and Yunlu to work every day. This guy hunts bears and moose and gets dragged around by 40-lb salmon for fun. He can and has done literally everything from playing a bajillion instruments to wiring a $1.5 million mansion by himself. The first Friday he drove us home we ended up driving EVERYWHERE in Boston and Cambridge on an "Adventure with Bill". The last time we went to work with him he had ripped apart half his car and installed a new stereo and we listened to something called "freak folk".

Mike - "I write code."
Super tech-savvy, tall skinny kid from.... CORNELL! that is great at making tag lines. He has this hemp necklace that he wears every single day and also wears shorts every day unless we have a presentation, and then he wears khakis. The quote is from a really nerdy T-shirt of his that makes fun of programmers who can't spell...

Yunlu - "Brian likes my shoes =D"
Very quiet little Asian girl from MIT. We ride the train together every morning to where Bill picks us all up. She's super focused on getting stuff done so she doesn't even speak up much at meetings, but the funniest thing that's happened has to do with this super annoying radio commercial that plays all the time. She normally sleeps every day on the ride but once, this commercial starts playing and she randomly wakes up and says "I HATE this commercial!" Haha. Brian is one of our mentors and he likes her interestingly green cut out shoes, especially when she wears different colored socks that show through.

Caleb - "Ooh we can hack rich text like this:"
He's the youngest one in our group (a rising sophomore) but definitely the geekiest. He knows about every kind of technology imaginable, and this includes computer history, which he "is fascinated with". He makes analogies about technical things to OTHER technical things... but I'll spare you the details =P He also eats a lot, two main dishes at every lunch.

John P. - "I feel like baking cookies for Angela today! =D"
Sadly, he never said that, but I'm working on getting him to bring in more baked goods, since food is definitely what he talks the most about, besides the fact that he's been at the same internship for 3 years in a row now. This also seems to give him the authority to chat and look up shoes all day at his cubicle... he's also super buff.

Gary - ":: must make the Brian-hamster dance... ::
Poor Gary. He's another '11 from MIT who is... still working to catch up with what everyone else knows, I think. It's kind of sad that he falls asleep at basically every meeting, even the informal ones. The quote is because he was originally playing with widgets and was poking fun at our mentor with them.

Eric (Eben) - "Games, games, games, grr search."
Eric apparently got a recycled user name, so every time he updates our team wiki he shows up as "Eben P. Stewart". He's a tall, heavyset guy with long curly hippy hair from Arkansas, and everything in his life is "Awesome... :: satisfied smile ::" or ".. coool .. :: satisfied smile ::". When he gives the thumbs-up (literally), the mentors know we're good to go and they can probably leave now.

John O. - "da BRONX"
Yeah, his last name is O'Connor (Terminator?), and he's from Da Bronx. Think real + staged gangfights, muggings, hood-jumpings, terrifying Catholic school nuns, and driving around Russian mafia as a side job and that's just in the good neighborhood. I got hurt at taekwondo practice a few weeks ago and they noticed I was icing my hand. John's been asking for the name of the girl who kicked me, but I wouldn't feel right telling him -- I don't really want her to die, after all. Hah.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Past Two Weeks

Hey! Guess what i have been doing! I have been making Jellyfish on Glass Blowing class.

Also: a homemade caramel cinammon latte...

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

For the record

Hi everyone =)

This will be a quick little first post, but just for the record, this idea was dreamed up by Regine when a few of us (Reggggie, Hannah, Karen, Liz, and Sophia-standing-in-for-Adrienne, and I) were grabbing lunch at Van Dyk's on Lincoln Road this summer. Since I think blogs with pictures are cool, here are the few that we took that day:

Karen's delicious tiramisu

... and us!*
* Regine, I promise I'll have these up on Facebook (eventually) or send them to you or whatever you want D:

It would be awesome if everyone shared little bits of their lives as things happen. I'm heading back up to Boston next Saturday 6/6, but let's see each other before then if you're still around, and keep in touch!

<3 Angela

Hi friends,

Even though I absolutely love the hour(s) long conversations we have when we reconvene during breaks, I'd love (and I bet you would) to hear[read] them, too! 

I know it's so easy to get caught up with everryythiinggg while away at college, but if you have a wickedly awesome story or just wanna say 'hi' (I miss you!)--BLOG! 

I wanna keep the 'team'--or so google calls it--intimate, but let me know if you want me to invite someone!

I'll definitely be blogging over the summer when I have to deal with the high school kiddies at Cornell :)